Aeyon Is Committed to Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Innovation – Always!

At the very center of Aeyon’s core values is our unwavering commitment to a culture that always focuses on the success of our customers, provides rewarding careers for our employees, and gives back to our communities.

Excellence is at the core of our service delivery model, and it drives our success.  We embrace our obligation to our employees and our communities.  We maintain integrity in all that we do for our customers and our corporate selves, and we seek innovation in service to the Country.

We are committed to the following principles that together form our corporate values.

Aeyon Corporate Values


We uphold the highest ethical standard and maintain personal and professional integrity in every aspect of our business.


Unparalleled service to our customers is at the heart of our success; outstanding performance is our number one priority.


We strive for excellence in all that we do.


We continually innovate to achieve an effective and efficient government.

Aeyon is unwavering in its commitment to these Values. Our Corporate Code of Conduct contains general guidelines for all employees and partners to conduct business with the highest ethical standards. If a situation arises where you have concerns about the ethical behavior of coworkers, supervisors, or partners, we encourage you to call our Ethics hotline (1-844-965-3532) or click the Aeyon Employee Hotline link below to report a possible violation.