Welcome to the Aeyon Centers of Excellence (ACE)

Through ACE, Aeyon transforms manual processes into intelligent results. We accomplish critical missions for our clients, driving efficiencies through RPA and data analytics. Work with the ACE to see IA and digital transformation in a new light and discover the possibilities for your business.

Aeyon's Robotic Operations
Center of Excellence (ROCoE)

Aeyon has developed successful RPA government solutions by working through a backlog of candidate processes; this allows for thorough analysis, improvement, and standardization of potential automations before development begins. It all starts with business, not one-size-fits-all technology applications. Our strategy focuses on understanding the overall mission, the business environment, and the IT systems. Then we develop tailored solutions that deliver cost savings, efficiency, and standardization, all while increasing capability.

A successful intelligent automation journey involves establishing an operating model with governance, scaling up the architecture through orchestration, and developing a solid and secure infrastructure. Aeyon’s Digital Workforce Solution (ADWS) paves the way forward in both defining these essential requirements and facilitating delivery. Our strategic vision for our clients incorporates expert knowledge of government business processes & systems, combined with cutting edge IA technology, and executed by seasoned solution architects & developers who have collectively built hundreds of automated solutions in the federal space.

The ADWS starts with a proof-of-concept in order to identify the need and feasibility of an automated solution. Next, real-world scenarios define the functional requirements and tools needed to build the automation. After deploying and testing, additional business scenarios are integrated and reusability is promoted. Finally, maintenance measures are implemented for optimal operation and continuous improvement.

Aeyon's Data Analytics Center of Excellence (DACoE)

Aeyon established a Data Analytics Center of Excellence (DACoE) to provide a scalable and centralized source for data science solutions within Aeyon and our service offerings. Aeyon’s DACoE accompanies Aeyon’s ROCoE under the Aeyon Center of Excellence (ACE) and provides our customers with the following core offerings.

 Advanced Analytics

Makes use of the necessary tools and technology that allows its analysts to perform their work efficiently and deliver the results to its clients

Data Culture

Showcases Aeyon’s investment in its data analytic capabilities and encourages the use of data analysis in order to achieve positive results

Data Governance

Provides guidance on the management of data, which includes its use, storage, and security, throughout the lifecycle of data analytic projects

Data Visualizations

Provides visualizations of the results of any analysis in an accessible and easy-to-understand format for immediate use by the client

Technical Infrastructure

Showcase Aeyon’s investment and use of technology, which includes hardware and software, networking capabilities, data management and IT support

Knowledge Management

Creates a collection of methods relating to creating, sharing, using, and managing the knowledge and information of an organization.