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Discover a new world of government efficiency and mission progress with RPA from Aeyon. Aeyon turns the power of one to the power of done with automation that means more.


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Manual and inefficient processes in financial management, data management and analytics or mission services drain resources and keep government teams from fully utilizing talent. Current government automation is limited by simple processes and narrow rulesets. Aeyon ushers in the new age of automation and efficiency with RPA that eliminates inefficiencies and expands capacity.

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Robotic Process Automation automates the routine to accelerate the remarkable, creating a new era in federal enterprise transformation Extend your capabilities beyond a simple ruleset with intelligent automation and mission-focused machine learning.

Aeyon adds capacity and expertise without scaling your manpower. Our expert guidance helps you embrace automation. Enter the RPA Age with Aeyon to keep your mission moving forward.

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The Aeyon Centers of Excellence (ACE) transforms manual processes into intelligent results. With ACE, we accomplish critical missions for our clients, driving efficiencies through RPA and data analytics. ACE consists of two revolutionary centers of excellence, including:

  • The Robotics Operation Center of Excellence (ROCoE) for intelligent automation
  • The Data and Analytics Center of Excellence (DACoE) for data analysis
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Cost Saving Process Automation for the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center


The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center faced significant challenges processing FOIA requests and replying with notification letters. Managers were overwhelmed with a backlog of 764 cases, attempting to focus on higher-value tasks. At 45 minutes per request, the process wasted resources on mundane and repetitive tasks and caused lost revenue due to late responses to requests.


Aeyon’s ROCoE Team created easy to use attended automation to process and respond to requests. The robot replaces tedious manual tasks with automation, capturing the requests through an inbox, extracting critical information (document requested, days needed for turnaround and prioritization), and returning a notification letter to the requestor. The FOIA team now streamlines their operations, making critical decisions and reviewing the robot’s work.

This automation immediately impacted the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, reducing the backlog by 30%, enabling $38,137 in additional revenue from fees on Requests Answered in Time, reducing processing time by 88% and increasing accuracy to 99.9%.


Accuracy-Improving Process Automation for Marine Corps Deputy Commander Resource Management (DCRM)


The DCRM had a rigid, tedious, and highly manual process for the retrieval of contract and contract related documents to support a full financial audit.


Aeyon’s ROCoE Team developed process automation to download all contracts and related documents and created process reports for audit documentation. This automation collects related documents across different PIEE modules, performs duplicate checks, saves contract files to designated destinations, and creates process status and found/not found reports. The automation can be utilized across all DoD Agencies to perform any type of reconciliation.

This Aeyon-created solution instantly reduced costs for the Marine Corps System Command, cutting down on processing time by 70% and eliminating 12% of duplicate files, improving data accuracy for a strict audit process.